Delahaut - 1967 (742x1024)

The Dorotheum goes Belgium

This is a first for the Belgian representation of the prestigious Viennese house: an exhibition without any connection to public auctions. This exhibition revolves around abstraction with a focus on Belgium and...
Favier_Antiphonaire_ParsVerna (763x1024)

Exquisite redactions

A crouching skeleton, another with horns and a more nonchalant attitude, and the rest neatly stacked directly on the four-line musical staff of the neumatic notation of this 18th-century antiphonary which ended...
ensor-dorotheum (1024x876)

A new Ensor in Vienna

James Ensor (1860-1949), the Baptême de Masques, about 1925-30, oil on canvas, 60 X 70 cm, estimate between 300,000 and 500,000 euro, lot 404 of Vienna's Dorotheum auction of May 31st – This ...
danaé-lot 41 (1024x734)

Danaé in 7th heaven

Orazio Gentileschi, Danaé, 1621, oil on canvas, lot 41, sold for USD 30.5m at Sotheby’s New York, on 28 January 2016 - The legendary princess of Argos, to whom Ovid refers in his Methamorphose...
Jasper Morrisson, Thingness, CID, photo David Marchal

Elementary, my dear Jasper!

At first glance, the exhibits of Thingness, the Jasper Morrison restrospective at the Centre d’innovation et de design (CID) at the Grand-Hornu, seem part of the scenery. No fuss, no artifice, so much so that o...
Vincent Van Gogh, L'Allée des Alyscamps, 1888, huile sur toile, Sotheby's

Les Alyscamps

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), L’Allée des Alyscamps, 1888, oil on canvas, on sale at Sotheby’s in New York on 5 May 2015, lot 18, The stellar lot of the Impressionist and Modern Art sale at So...

A celebration of engraving!

Liège has been immersed in the world of engraving and etching since 27 March. The first Engraving Festival took place thirty years ago, initially confined in the museums around the International Engraving Bienn...
Wim Delvoye

Euterpe, a 21st century muse?

Euterpe (2001), Wim Delvoye, estimated at 100,000-140,000 euro, stained glass with radiographies of couples making love, steel, X-rays, glass, lead, 200 X 80 cm. Auction of 25 October in Lokeren.