« I often have this dream, strange, penetrating
Of a woman, unknown, whom I love, who loves me,
And who is never, each time, the same exactly,
Nor, exactly, different: and knows me, is loving.

Of how she knows me, and my heart, growing 
Clear for her alone, is no longer a problem.
For her alone: she alone understands, then,
How to cool the sweat of my brow with her weeping.

Is she dark, blonde, or auburn? – I’ve no idea (…),” writes Paul Verlaine.

Carolina Fernandez has no idea either. Yet, she does not hesitate to paint the woman, gracefully and naked, on small canvases that require the viewer to lean forward. Fernandez does not hesitate to summon her dreams, the kind which bewilder, create a tension between the real and the dream worlds, suggest underlying, subconscious thoughts. Fernandez paints strange scenes, exuding a feeling of loneliness. Something akin to nudity, rawness. Not that of the body but that of sensations; raw sensations: being alone, meditating, being somewhere else.

Carolina Fernandez is a Columbian artist born in Bogota who lives and works in Brussels. The young artist has boldly integrated this major ‘painting revival’ movement. The compositions of each of her paintings are full of mystery. They let you discover several recurring elements, like this young naked woman, a chair or a blue dog.

This scene depicts a classroom without any pupils where all the chairs are in disarray. Look more closely and you will see grass growing on the edges of the walls. There you see a naked woman putting on a shirt, in a strange setting, since the table next to her has a hand-shaped foot and you see a blue dog through the opening in the wall. Further on, you spot a young woman wearing one of those collars usually worn bydogs to prevent them from scratching. These enigmatic scenes roll out their languid charm, while demonstrating their author’s great technique and aptitude for true-to-life rendering, in line with the hyperrealists of the 1960s and 1970s. A great discovery – as always when visiting Rossi.

Carolina Fernandez
The middle way
Rossi Contemporay
Rivoli Building
690 chaussée de Waterloo
1180 Brussels
Until 16 January 2016

Thursdays to Fridays, 13:00 to 17:00, Saturdays 14:00 to 18:00h 


Carolina Fernandez, Hello little thoughts, Rossicontemporary


Carolina Fernandez, Welcome, Rossicontemporary


Carolina Fernandez, Walk a mile, Rossicontemporary


Carolina Fernandez, Us, Rossicontemporary


Carolina Fernandez, It’s ok bro, Rossicontemporary



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