Brussels Design September 2015 opened its doors on 10 September for a very special year: the event celebrates its 10th anniversary. An unmissable meeting place for design enthusiasts, but also for architects, designers and students, Brussels Design September 2015 presents over 100 cultural and commercial events in Brussels, including exhibitions, conferences and an Arts & Crafts route.  

A must-do on this year’s agenda is the route along the workshops of Brussels’ artisans, all of them with a remarkable know-how. Like jewel designer Sabine Herman, who’s had a boutique at the Bailli quarter for many years. Or Emaillerie Belge, which has been manufacturing enameled information panels and has applied enamels to surfaces for artists, since 1923. The route also takes you to the workshops of Maison Vervloet, a reference beacon in decorative hardware like locks and other door fittings since 1905. Non-profit organization Fer & Feu, at La Fonderie, for its part, provides initiations and courses in metalwork. Not to be missed! Then there’s Tamawa, the publishing house of Hubert Verstraten, which creates objects in Aramith, the phenolic resin that is used to manufacture snooker balls. And you must visit Charles Cambourg, the workshop that Nicolas Berryer acquired in 2007. The woven leather bags designed and manufactured there are sold in every corner of the world.

Several exhibitions are centred around a particular designer. We were happy to discover Alain Berteau, Andrea Anastasio, Sylvain Willenz, Marina Bautier and Charlotte Lancelot at the different venues and design boutiques. The installation by Matali Crasset, which invites you to a zen experience, is really worth visiting (until 20 September, rue de Senne 20). You should go see Muller Van Severen at Bozar and, of course, Xavier Lust whose retrospective has just opened at the Botanique (we’ll talk about that later).

Several art galleries have scheduled a design expo: at the Mazel gallery we found Damien Gernay. More than a house presents the Miniarchi by Ana Maia; at Puls Gallery, an expert in ceramics, we discovered Yvan Malfliet + Gitte Jungersen and Pol Quadens is exhibiting at LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects. Another to-do: the exceptional selection of jewels by Betty De Stefano at her Collectors Gallery. The honorable guest of the month is Mario Bellini, who you’ll be able to hear at Flagey tomorrow night, 17 September.

The Spaghetti Paludis chair by Giandomenico Belotti will be at the heart of an  exhibition at CIVA (from 14 to 21 September). Want more? If so, do drop by the exhibition that presents all 10 winners of the ‘Designer of the Year’ award since 2006, including Alain Berteau, Sylvain Willenz, Nathalie Dewez, Alain Gilles, Nedda Al-Asmar, etc.

Brussels Design September
From 10 to 30 September



Philipp Kafer, Merging Bodies, (c) Buro Belen, Who’s afraid of Betty De Stefano… ?, Expo du 10 au 30 septembre


Sliced table, (c) Monsieur Kacha, (c) Theunithib, Brussels is design. Expo jusqu’au 30 septembre


Dustlab, (c) Thomas Pitte, Group show, Direct Design, jusqu’au 30 septembre


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