The collective APP (Atelier Pica Pica) present the body of work created these past 3 months during their residency in the gallery. Last september, they moved their studio in the gallery space and focused their creative energy on a new series of paintings and two workshops. The first workshop was about producing books. APP and their guests, EB ITSO (dk), Magnus Vind (dk) and Julien Couic (fr), published 5 books, edition of 50 each. These heirs of Rimbauld created visual and poetic “zines” reflecting on the paths usually less travelled, the rough civilisation in the landscapes.  For the second workshop, APP and the belgian artist Julien Meert explored new plastic fields.  Inspired by the movie ‘Escape from Alcatraz’, they sculpted 4 self portraits with recycled elements and painted ‘Marines’ (figuartive painting inspired by the sea). The final installation reflected on the image of their double, locked in the unconscious, dreaming of new horizons.

Besides these two interludes, the collective worked intensively on the exhibition ‘Summer Bummer’.  A new series of work  created in collective intelligence, seeking perpetual renewal while keeping an very identifiable artistic vocabulary.

Atelier Pica Pica
Summer Bummer
Alice Gallery
4 rue du pays de Liège
1000 Bruxelles
Wednesday to saterday from 2PM to 6PM 
Until january 10 2015

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